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乙皮畫廊 一個與花蓮更深刻互動的所在

iP Gallery – a place to interact more profoundly with Hualien


–Words at the time of opening of the new space in Cultural and Creative Park




Many people, including us, are touched when being in Hualien. Apart from the natural landscape consisting of towering mountains and endless ocean, the other things that touch us in Hualien are the people who live earnestly here, and none more so than the artists who are inspired by all sorts of Hualien elements and apply them to create artworks persistently.




Ya-Ling firstly received art education from National Taiwan Junior College of Arts (now National Taiwan University of Arts) and further pursued the essence of art in the Graduate Institute of the Indigenous Arts in National Dong Hwa University following her arrival in Hualien. She has always had sharp perception of art and has always been an enthusiastic art advocator. Chiao-Hsiang (Chaucer) learned painting in Ya-Ling’s studio when he was freshman in the School of Medicine, National Taiwan University and they became couple 7 years later. With the influences from Ya-Ling, Chaucer has been baptized by Art and his knowledge and perception in art improved through his near-thirty-year medical life. After we became Hualien residents in 2003 and considered how to deepen and spread the touching sensation of Hualien, “iP Gallery” popped up as our initial answer in 2010.




For nearly four years since the opening of “iP Gallery,” we were guided, encouraged and supported by many teachers, friends, and peers, who are deeply concerned about the operations and resources utilization of the gallery. And we have been making efforts and handling with care to make “iP” a platform, in the form of professional art gallery, for artists to showcase, art lovers to appreciate, and perhaps collect artworks in turn, and the seedlings of art education to bud here. These original intentions will not change after “iP Gallery” moves into the new space at Exhibition hall A, Building 23, Hualien Cultural and Creative Park, formerly an old brewery, in June 2014.




The main building of this new gallery was constructed in 1938. The exhibition hall has over 330 square meter in space and walls as tall as 3 meters while the pitched roof made of Taiwanese Cypress is up to 6 meters. In front of the gate there is a natural spring suitable for wine brewing. In here what we further anticipate is that by virtue of an exhibition and appreciation space with greater possibilities, more and more artists would come here to exhibit their splendid creations which echo with the spatial characteristics, more and more people will walk in to appreciate the works for the first time or repetitively, more and more people will take the collection of artistic creations as the contentment of life and the fountain of happiness for the first time or habitually. Above all, we hope that the existence of this space, “iP Gallery” will allow people who live in or come to Hualien to be able to further preserve the feeling of being touched, and feel that life is more beautiful!

Ya-Ling and Chiao-Hsiang (Chaucer) at iP Gallery, June 2014

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